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Ian White has written his own darting story and it is some tungsten tale! From a career that was in the doldrums to the top 10 in the world, it has been an eventful journey. White is now enjoying a second chance at the sport that has become his life.


The renaissance has seen the man the call ‘Diamond’ sparkle on the big TV stages, beating all the top players and earning a place at the sport’s top table.


Unicorn Code Player range of darts feature a combination of ultimate grip with superb balance and aerodynamics. Using the exact profile and dimensions of each player’s authentic dart but reconfiguring the groove pattern to create an exciting new look and feel.


Barrels: 90% Tungsten DNA Coated Barrels, Machined White Grip, Unicorn Hallmark

Shafts: Gripper 4 Shafts

Flights: Code Player Ultrafly Flights

Accessories: 3 Sets Code Player Ultrafly Flights, 1 Set Aluminium Shafts, 1 Set Gripper 4 Elements Shafts


Available in the following weights – 21g, 23g



48.3mm x 6.3mm (21g)

48.3mm x 6.5mm (23g)



Unicorn Ref: 6059, 6060

Ian White Code Dart Set (90% Tungsten)

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