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These precision machined tungsten darts are engineered for close grouping and high scoring for players who are serious about winning. Marathon 1505 flights and Supergrip Shafts.


Available in the following weights - 21g, 22g, 23g, 24g, 25g and 26g.




7.3mm x 54.0mm (21g)

7.3mm x 54.0mm (22g)

7.5mm x 54.0mm (23g)

7.6mm x 54.0mm (24g)

7.9mm x 54.0mm (25g)

7.9mm x 54.0mm (26g)



Harrows Ref: BD80421, BD80422, BD80423, BD80424, BD80425, BD80426

Harrows Genesis Tungsten Dart Set

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