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NX90 is a stunning natural tungsten barrel developed for serious dart players.

A combination of ringed, micro and scalloped cuts give this dart a unique feel, offering all players a grip sequence to suit their throw. High quality 90% tungsten. Three distinctive grip styles. Front loaded, tapered rear.


NX90 darts are supplied with Black Supergrip midi shafts, new 100 micron NX90 flights and are match weighed to +/-0.05g.

Available in the following weights - 21g, 22g, 23g, 24g, 25g, 26g



6.8mm x 50.0mm (21g)

6.9mm x 50.0mm (22g)

7.0mm x 50.0mm (23g)

7.2mm x 50.0mm (24g)

7.3mm x 50.0mm (25g)

7.4mm x 50.0mm (26g)



Harrows Ref: BD83821, BD83822, BD83823, BD83824, BD83825, BD83826

Harrows NX90 90% Tungsten Dart Set

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