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Created by Winmau for Joe Cullen these darts feature intricate grip and low profile scallop design. The subtle mid-scallop delivers perfect feel for modern performance and style, delivering control and iconic design on demand to the next generation of world-class players.


Product Information


Darts: x3 Darts per set

Packaging: Premium, Winmau Aluminium Point Protector

Flights: X1 Prism alpha red with black stars 6915-178

Shafts: x1 Winmau Prism Force Black, Medium 7020.201


Darts Technical Specification


Barrel Weight: Available in 21, 23, 25 grams

Tungsten %: 90% Tungsten alloy

Thread: 2BA


Dart Profile


Weight Distribution: Centre

Barrel Profile: Specialist

Front Profile: Tapered

Point Type: Black high tensile


Dart Grip Characteristics


Grip Zone: Full length

Grip Type: Square grooves

Grip Level: 4 (1 = Smooth, 5 = Aggressive)


Dart Finish


Groove Colour: Black

Laser Etched: Winmau W logo

Surface Finish: Onyx Performance Coating


General Information


Dimensions: 6-6.35mm x 50.8mm

Range: Joe Cullen



Winmau Ref: 1462-21,23,25

Joe Cullen Dart Set (90% Tungsten)

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