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Complete set of top quality darts with enhanced shark cut profile rings for excellent grip.


Special features include exclusive McCoy engraving, their unique ring configuration taken from the famous Ring Grip Darts and their unique positioning on the barrel for perfect balance.  


In conclusion, they are unlike any other dart currently available for performance, grip, and flight trajectory.  


Available in the following weights - 18g, 20g, 22g, 24g, 26g



46.6mm x 6.2mm (18g)

46.6mm x 6.2mm (20g)

47.5mm x 6.6mm (22g)

50.2mm x 6.7mm (24g)

50.2mm x 6.8mm (26g)

McCoy Sabergrip Silver 90% Tungsten Steel Tip Dart Set

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