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Created specifically for the modern throw to provide effortless rhythm and power. Serious precision and stunning design lines, Aspire Darts deliver the highest levels of performance by achieving the most stable launch conditions, allowing you to bring your A-game.


Product Information:


Darts: x3 Darts per set

Packaging: Premium, MvG Aluminium Point Protector

Flights: x1 MvG Prism Delta standard extra thick 6915.207

Shafts: x1 MVG Design Nylon with ring, medium 7100.207


Darts Technical Specification:


Barrel Weight: 21g, 22g, 23g, 24g, 25g

Tungsten %: 80% Tungsten alloy

Thread: 2BA


Dart Profile:


Weight Distribution: Centre

Barrel Profile: Parallel

Front Profile: Round

Point Type: Black high tensile


Dart Grip Characteristics


Grip Zone: Front and rear

Grip Level: 4 (1 = Smooth, 5 = Aggressive)


Dart Finish


Groove Colour: Black, Green

Laser Etched: MvG logo & Winmau W logo

Surface Finish: Polished


General Information



6.35mm x 50.8mm (21g)

6.6mm x 50.8mm (22g, 23g, 24g)

6.8mm x 50.8mm (25g)

Range: Michael van Gerwen



Winmau Ref: 1444-21, 1444-22, 1444-23, 1444-24, 1444-25

Michael Van Gerwen Aspire Dart Set

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