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Designed, crafted and perfected by Shot Dartisans for PDC World Champion Michael Smith, Achieve is his match dart of choice. But this workhorse dart is no show pony – it’s the apex of Shot design and craft distilled into a barrel the Champ trusts to stay on top and elevate his world beating technique. This 90% tungsten, centre weighted barrel has what it takes to win. The MSB signature laser is your seal of authenticity.


Available in the following weights - 21g, 22g, 23g, 24g, 25g, 26g



6.4mm x 47mm (21g)

6.4mm x 48mm (22g)

6.5mm x 49mm (23g)

6.6mm x 50mm (24g)

6.7mm x 51mm (25g)

6.8mm x 51mm (26g)

Shot Michael Smith Achieve - Centre Weighted - Dart Set

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