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The revolutionary new Unicorn Swytch Range has been designed and manufactured to give dart players of all abilities more options than they have ever had before.


For the first time ever, Unicorn have produced barrels that have been specifically engineered to be used either way round. This means if you don't like how you're throwing the darts, try them the other way round! The winning double is never far away, thanks to the Swytch Darts.


Complete with Ultrafly Flights and Gripper Shafts, the Reversible barrels are also accompanied with threated Volute conversion steel tip points for multiple set-up configurations in order for you to more easily find darting excellence.


*Swytch darts indicated weight is an all-up weight, which includes the flight, shaft and point


Available in the following weights – 22g, 24g



40.0mm x 8.3mm (22g)

42.5mm x 8.3mm (24g)



Unicorn Ref: 27936, 27937

Unicorn Swytch 80% Tungsten Gold Steel Tip Dart Set

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