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The Luke Littler Generation One, designed alongside ‘The Nuke’ to his exact specifications and requirements.


The 90% Tungsten range offers a multi-grip barrel profile, consisting of Dual Pixel Tip at the front and centre of the barrel providing a high level of grip and then finally a fine radial groove grip at the rear of the barrel for a more subtle feel.


The barrel is then overlaid with Black PVD Performance coating and further re-machined to highlight the Dual Pixel Tip technology.


The Range is then completed with Target Pro Grip Shafts, ‘The Nuke’ Signature Flights, and Target Swiss Points.


Available in the follwoing weights - 22g, 23g, 24g


6.5mm x 50mm (22g)

6.5mm x 52mm (23g)

6.65mm x 52mm (24g)

Target Luke Littler G1 90% Swiss Point Steel Top Dart Set

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