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Introducing the Luke Littler Loadout Steel Tip Darts, a collaborative design with the 2024 PDC World Championship finalist. The dart set includes a 90% Tungsten straight barrel 52mm in length, featuring radial grooves for enhanced finger grip. Throughout the sleek design, you'll find small pops within the grooves of Nuke’s signature purple and yellow colours.


The 26mm Black Swiss Point, utilizing Swiss Point Technology, allows for easy point switching, and its flush integration with the barrel adds to the set's sleek appearance. The set includes a Short Pro Grip Shaft for a seamless lead-in and a firm flight grip, minimizing fallouts.


Completing the ensemble are the Nuke Pro.Ultra No.2 Flights, created with a spot UV print for enhanced durability. This comprehensive dart set embodies precision, style, and durability, making it the ultimate choice for players seeking top-tier performance.



3 x Luke Littler Loadout Dart Barrels

3 x 26mm Swiss Dart Points in Black

3 x Short Pro Grip Dart Shafts in Yellow

3 x Luke Littler Edition No.2 Dart Flights

1 x Swiss Point Tool


Available in the following weights – 22g, 23g, 24g



6.3mm x 52mm (22g)

6.5mm x 52mm (23g)

6.6mm x 52mm (24g)

Target Luke Littler Loadout 90% Swiss Point Steel Tip Dart Set

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